'Movement is the primary medium of our aliveness'



I'm a highly trained consultant with an inner thrive to solve problems, connect to people and discover new things everyday.

My multi-disciplinary and international background allows me to help teams identify the interconnections between different work areas and enhance new synergies.

After a few experiences in project management within multinational firms, I've decided to become a freelance and an ambassador for Sandbox Paris, a network of young entrepreneurs.

I currently advocate for physical activity promotion, help firms improve well-being at their workplaces and take part in the development of health policies.



Enhancing health literacy and prevention. Building environments that make healthy lifestyles the easiest choice. Ensuring equal access to quality healthcare.

Empowering communities and enable them to tackle significant challenges that bring about large-scale change. Fostering commitment and ownership, ignite the collective energy to move towards concrete societal progress.

Bringing people together and facilitating authentic human connection. Promoting fairness and equity to ensure equal access to opportunities.



Trust | Transparency | Commitment

 Respect | Curiosity | Awareness

Quality | Practicality | Beauty