• 2018 guest speaker at the conference organized by the city hall of Villeurbanne (Lyon) ‘How to improve walking in the city for all?’ (link - FR)

  • 2018 guest speaker at GayGames Paris - Conference 'Putting European citizens back in motion' (link)

  • 2018 advisory services for Attitude Prévention in the organisation of the European conference "Preventing sedentary lifestyle. Where are we at in Europe?" (link)

  • 2018 speaker at ProDurable, fair for sustainable corporate development and social responsibility: "The Nudge approach applied to health at the workplace" (link - FR)

  • 2017 speaker at the conference "The role of sport federations in the promotion of physiacl activity and sports for health" organized by the French sports and culture federation (Fédération Sportive et Culturelle de France) (link - FR)

  • 2016 speaker at the conference "Physical activity and connected objects" organized by Côte basque Sport Santé (link)

  • 2016 speaker at the professional fair for physical activity and sports at the workplace PepSport - Sport et entreprise (link- FR)

  • 2016 speaker at the conference "Pedometers for active seniors" organized by the French federation of sports for pensioners (Fédération Française de la Retratie Sportive) (link - FR)


  • 2018 Revue Santé Publique - article: Improving national policies promoting Health Enhancing Physical Activity (link - FR)

  • 2018 guest speaker at France Inter radio station - "How to encourage teenagers to be more active" (link - FR)

  • 2017 L'Etudiant Santé - article: "10.000 steps a day" (link - FR)

  • 2016 Sport et Citoyenneté - article: Physical activity at the workplace (link - FR)

  • 2016 Bulletin ONAPS N°1 - article: Sedentary lifestyle (link - FR)

  • 2016 L'OBS - article: The impact of Olympic Games on physcial activity and sports practice in general population (link - FR)

  • 2016 INSEP Réflexions Sport - article: Intense physical activity, the benefits to the health of high level athletes (link - FR)


  • 2017 - 2018 : trainer for COMUNDI Compétences - training module on promoting and development of physical activity at the workplace (link)

  • 2016 - 2017 : guest teacher on the topic of project management in physical activity promotion at UFR STAPS, Université Paris Descartes, Sorbonne Paris Cité, for the Master2 programme "Training, biology, nutrition, health" (link)

  • 2014 - 2017 : guest teacher on the topic of Health enhancing physical activity at INSEP for the Master programme "Sport, expertise and high level performance" (link)