Redesigning organisations and communities


I am focused on projects that accompany culture and process change in companies or communities: development of new management theories, community bulding and redesigning organizations.

Having a broad vision of different fields, cultures and work styles I can find a 'common language' between stakeholders and enhance collaboration.

Understanding human challenges and finding personalized solutions for building a stable and nurturing environment is one of my main strengths. 

Emotional intelligence, ability to listen, group building skills and diplomacy are defining traits of my personality that I successfully bring in to improve work or living structures.

I always strive to build contributive and supportive ecosystems.

Promotion of Movement, Health and Well-being 


Movement, nutrition and flow are main pillars for a healthy life. 

The workplace is one of the main environments where we spend our time and that impact our health and well-being. There is urgent need of reshaping work as we know it in order to allow people to express their creativity and contribute effectively to society. 

Based on years long experience I help building environments that enhance a positive, balanced and energized life- and workstyle.

I help managers and HR teams to build a long terms strategy that integrates well-being into the very culture of organizations, giving a real value to a healthier lifestyle for employees and their families.

More resources on this topic you can find in my Blog.


'Movement is the primary medium of our aliveness'